Starting the day with a smile

Start your day off with a smile on your face and thankfulness in your heart. No matter how you really feel when you first wake up, increase your joy by giving thanks to God for all that you are blessed with. Thank him for your legs and the ability to walk. Thank him for the ability to be able to see and hear. Thank him for the opportunity to have a closet of clothes to choose what you want to wear. Thank him for loving you unconditionally and accepting you just as you are. Thank him for forgiving you and never giving up on you. And the list of what we have to be thankful for goes on and on.

When we start our day being thankful we put joy in our heart. We start our day off in a positive way and that makes things brighter. We gain strength from the positive energy that being thankful brings so we feel empowered before our day even gets started. We increase our hope and faith through being thankful. And we realize how blessed we really are when we take the time out to thank God.

Before you get your day started take a few minutes and give thanks to God for at least 5 things. Try to do 5 different things each day. Empower yourself, increase your hope, feel the extra joy in your heart, by giving thanks to God for all that He has blessed you with.

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