You are a new thing

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Roman’s 4:17….the God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing.

I was having a really rough month. A lot of hardships and difficult situations had come my way. I was struggling with sin and my flesh was fighting my spirit hard. It was the perfect storm for the enemy to come in and try to defeat and destroy my faith. I fought and fought but begin to feel like I was losing the battle. I started questioning everything that I knew to be true about my new identity in Christ. I questioned if all the glory that I had experienced was still there for me because everything was going so wrong. Then I came across this scripture and it brought light back to my darkness. “The God that brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing.”

Have you ever felt like you are dead on the inside and your value has decreased to nothing? Life and our struggles can make us feel that way. We can be doing all that we know to do and living the best that we know how but yet we have trial after trial. Or we can be struggling with something that God has put on our heart to stop doing but our weakness gets the best of us no matter how hard we try. We can face so many difficulties all at one time that we feel like we are drowning. But there is a reason to never give up and to keep hoping for better days. No matter what we face or struggle with we have a God that specializes in restoring to life what has once been dead and to create something totally new and amazing out of what we consider to be nothing. All He ask of us is to have a little faith in Him.

When we do not see a way out of our misery we have to remember that we are not alone in our struggle. We serve a God that is able to turn nothing into something and brings back to life what was once dead. He can turn the worst situation into a glorious situation. He can turn our weakness into strength. He can turn our trial into triumph. He is able to do what we can not do if we put our trust in Him. Never take the lie that the enemy tells you as it being the truth. Never believe the lie that you are too broken, have messed up too much, or that you are worth nothing. Call out to and trust in God to restore glory to you and any situation that you may face. He will restore you back to life if you have faith in Him to do so. And He can make something completely new out of nothing at all with just a little bit of trust on our part.

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