No more waiting on a breakthrough

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When we need a breakthrough, and we pray to God for one, we have to be willing to do what God tells us to do. We want Him to do everything for us and we just sit back and reap the reward but it doesn’t work that way. There is a responsibility that we will have in the process. And if we choose to not do it then we will not get our breakthrough or what ever we are praying for. When we pray for God’s help that actually means that we are asking for Him to assist us in something, not to do it all for us.

If we are not doing the things that we need to do (our responsibilities) then there is going to be a lack of happiness within us. If we are slacking off in any area there is no way that we will have peace and satisfaction with ourselves. We can not be lazy, disobedient, passive, or procrastinate and be truly happy. We were created to handle our life duties, no matter what they are, and when we are not living up to our potential we are not fulfilled within ourselves.

Taking responsibility for our wrong actions or lack of actions is what sets us free to do what we need to do. When we say those hard words, “it was my own fault,” without any but’s behind it we set ourselves free. Taking ownership of our wrong doings or lack of responsibility enables us to do what we need to do. The power that has been taken from us by the guilt of our disobedience, laziness, or lack of responsibility is restored when we take full responsibility for our actions or lack of. I don’t know how to properly explain it but there is a power that comes along with freedom when we stop with all the excuses, the finger pointing, and the blaming for our wrong doings.

I have experienced this first hand several times. It took every ounce of strength that I had to open my mouth and utter the words, “it is all my fault, I was wrong, and I am sorry.” But when I did I could actually feel the weight lifting off of my shoulders with each word of truth that I spoke. I was freed from the pressure that came along with making up excuses for my actions. I was freed from the fear of being exposed for the truth that it was my own fault and that people would be mad at or disappointed in me. I was free to be wrong and imperfect. And along with the freedom came a certain power that was like renewed confidence and determination to do what I needed to do. As I gave up the excuses and started to do the things that I knew I needed to do God would do the things that I could not do. As we worked together I would get my breakthrough. I would finally accomplish the thing that I had been praying for.

What have you been praying for that you know God has told you something that you need to do in the situation? Are you still waiting for the prayer to be answered while you are sitting back waiting on God to do it for you? Or have you taken on the responsibility that you have in the situation and done all that you know to do? There are some situations you may not have any of the responsibility but God has told you to make the first move to get the ball rolling. If you choose to not take that first step then chances are the situation will never change. God knows what needs to be done in every situation and with all things. He knows what will bring the breakthrough or solve the problem. And if He has told us to do something and we choose to not do it then we are only to blame. No one else is responsible for us and no one else will do it for us. So if we want that breakthrough, that problem solved, that prayer answered, then we have to do what we need to do. And until we do we can not blame anyone else for our lack of what it is that we are missing or wanting.

Nothing is too hard or impossible for us to do because God will give us the grace that we need to do what He tells us to do. We may not like doing it but we will be successful and we will enjoy the reward of being obedient to God. Decide today that you are going to handle your business and get to doing what you know you need to do. Your breakthrough, freedom, or answered prayer is waiting on you!

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    1. I am so sorry if this is the first reply that you have recieved from your comment back in april. I just came across it and do see that I replied so I wanted to do so now. Thank you very much for the compliment and please share my blog with others so that we can spread the good news together. Thank you again.


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