What does life mean

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We often get what the meaning of life really is confused. We think of life as the things that we achieve such as our house, cars, career, money, retirement, and so on. But when the end of our life comes and someone speaks at our funeral they do not talk about the house that we had, the car that we drove, the job title that we had, or the amount of money that we had in the bank do they? No, they speak about the kind of person that we were and the contributions that we offered to society. They speak about those things because that is what really matters when it comes to life. All the other stuff is just things that hold no value of life.

Through my own experience, and from hearing from others, I found that as long as we are searching for our meaning of life in external things we will never discover it. For many years I searched for fulfillment of the void that was within me in all the wrong places. Because we grow up hearing that life is about you growing up, getting a degree, finding a good career, getting married, having kids, going on vacations and creating memories, saving money, buying a house, retiring and relax, those are the things that we seek for fulfillment in life. While all those things are a part of life, they are not our meaning of life. They are not what is going to make us at peace with ourselves and have wholeness in life. And they are not the things that we will be remembered for when we are gone.

We were all created for the purpose of God and until we step into being who he created us to be we will not be whole. We will continue to feel like there is something missing in our life as long as we are out of line with his purpose for us. We will be in constant lack until we step into the shoes that he prepared for us to wear. There is nothing that you can sustain in this world that will fill the void that you have in your heart. For it is only when you become the amazing person that you were created to be and share your qualities with the world that you will come to know the true meaning of life. Life becomes full of meaning when we start living our purpose of life.

To help you figure out what your purpose of life is let me tell you about an exercise that I once did. Say that the end of your time on this earth has came, what is it that you would want someone to say about you when they speak at your funeral? Get a piece of paper and that those things down. Now what is on that paper thatis not currently a reality for you? What would you need to do in order for them to become a reality? This exercise help me quit a bit and I pray that it helps you. I would live to hear about what you discovered about yourself when you do the exercise so feel free to leave me a comment.

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