Dreams can come true

  Do you remember when you were young and you would have a dream of what you were going to be when you got older, what kind of house that you were going to have, what kind of family you were going to have? It brought joy to our hearts when we thought of those things. We lived with an excitement of the future. We would tell all of our friends and family what kind of career, life, house, and family that we were going to have when got bigger. Then we did get bigger and many of the things that we once dreamed of changed and many of them did not happen the way that we once dreamed that they would. Our excitement may have faded with the reality of life settling in. Once the disappointments, failures, and rejections in life started to pile up we may have become discouraged to have any kind of dream at all in our lives.  Or our dreams may begin to fade when we realize the work that we have to do to achieve them. But it is important that we continue to dream a little dream for ourselves and our lives to help motivate us when it seems impossible for our dream to become a reality.

   Don’t let the disappointments, failures, or rejections in life stand in the way of you having dreams for your life and setting goals for yourself. Not everything is going to work out the way that we hope it will. But having a dream or a goal can help us to push through the hard times and motivate us to keep up the tough work to accomplish them. When we have failures and disappointments we can learn and grow from them. We learn from the mistakes that we make. We can use rejection as strength to keep on trying until we get the results that we are looking for. Jesus was rejected and He did not let it stop Him so we can do the same thing. 

   Our dreams can become a reality but it takes time, persistence, determination, and patience. We may take five steps forward and 8 steps back at times but we can keep up the work and not give up until we reach our goal. But don’t expect everything to go smoothly, having no set backs, complications, or failure in the process. When we expect too much it leads to disappointment and can cause us to give up on our dream, even though success could be right around the corner. Our dreams can become reality because everything is possible with Christ.