The best investment

Do you ever have the thought, “I wish that I felt better, I want to be happier, I want to be less stressed, I want my relationship to be better, this is just too much”? Have you come to a point in an area of your life where you have settled for less than what you desire? Well what if you could do something to accomplish your wants and wishes. What if you held the key to the change that you needed? Can I tell you something, in many cases, we do hold the key but we settle for less for whatever reason. We decide that we aren’t going to live our best life because of what it will intel for us to do it. We don’t want to (or feel that we can’t) invest the time or energy that it will require. But if we are going to get to a place in life that we love then we are going to have to invest in ourselves. We are going to have to make the decision that we are going to make it happen no matter what. And then we have to start doing it.

You say, “but I don’t know where to start” or “but I don’t know what I need to do.” I suggest that you make a life investment list. That is what I have done a couple of times to help me get going. I would find time that I wasn’t overloaded with thoughts of what I needed to do or get taken care of and sit down with a pen and paper. You say, “oh it will never get done because I am always overloaded in my mind.” Well find the time because remember you are investing in yourself which takes time! Take a notebook and pen to the bathroom with you if that is the only place and time that you can escape everything for a moment.

Now write down this question, if I had 6 weeks to live what would I want to make sure that I did before my time was up? I know that may sound a little morbid but it does help us to put into perspective what is most important to us. It helps us to figure out what deep desires that linger in our heart. For me, it helped me to take out all the materialistic things and to focus on the more important things. See, I don’t think that anyone would want to leave this earth with regrets, wish I would have’s, or I should have’s. We would want to be at peace with ourselves. And that is a large part of us enjoying everyday of our lives.

If you knew that your time was almost up would you choose to waste time being mad at someone or engaging in a disagreement? More than likely you would be like, ” you know what, you may not agree with me but whatever cause I am not going to waste time arguing.” You would probably choose to take that walk that you have been saying that you needed to do just so that you could enjoy the beauty of nature while you could. You would probably have the conversation with that friend that you have needed to have for a long time. My point is that you wouldn’t be worried about having the best job position, the most money in the bank, the dream car, etc. You would do the things that were important to your heart. And that is how we are able to be in a state of peace, joy, and contentment at all times. It is not that we do not want better or change but we are at peace while we are on our journey to better.

So if you are in lack of peace, joy, contentment, or anything else, ask yourself the question, if I had 6 weeks to live what would I want to take care of, and you may find the answers that you need. Investing in yourself is the key.

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