Living your best life

Would you rather moments of joy or to always have joy? Would you rather have moments of peace or to be in a state of peace at all times? Would you rather search for satisfaction or be satisfied? There is a way that we can be happy, peaceful, content, and satisfied every day of our lives.

When we make the decision that we are going to walk threw life for the purpose of following the Holy Spirit and keeping our focus on that we gain so much. Following the Spirit is doing what our heart tells us to do. It is doing what our heart says to do rather than what our flesh or emotions tell us. It is being the best that we can be and living the best that we can without having regrets. Following the Spirit is doing what will bring and keep us filled with contentment.

Because the spirit is God, and God knows what is best for each of us, we know that when we follow the spirit we are doing what is best for us. And because of that we do not have to later question ourselves if there was something that we could have or should have done different. We do not have to have guilt shame or regret. Even if the end result is not something that we would have preferred we know that we did the best that we could and it was meant to be for a greater reason than what we see at the moment. Following the spirit is also a way of taking hold of opportunities that otherwise we would miss out on.

If you want to be in a state of contentment, peace, and joy, decide today that you are going to follow the Spirits guidance and stay focused on doing so. As you do, pay attention to the gratifying feelings that you have from doing so. And rest assure that because your being lead by the spirit you are doing what you should do even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment.

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