#1 counselor

Have you ever thought of seeking counseling to increase the joy and peace that you have in your life? Have you seeked advice on how to be less stressed or overwhelmed. Have you been in need of counsel on how to improve your life in some area? I think that it is fair to say that everyone has been in need of advice or counsel of some sort at one point or another in their lives. I have seen people spend tons of money on top therapist to heal from trauma or past painful experiences. People pay for life coaching and career coaching. I have been to counseling and seen a life coach myself. But I have come to have a different perspective about it all now.

While it is nice to have someone sitting right in front of you that you can see and audibly hear (you know the tangible things) you don’t have to seek out counsel when you have a relationship with Jesus. He is your counselor. His Holy Spirit is able to help you deal with and heal the things that are unsettling within you. He is able to touch those deepest darkest places within you that are holding you hostage from being whole and free. He is able to bring you the peace that you are searching for. He can guide you to the joy and love that you desire. He can tell you what will mend your relationship. He can fix your brokenness. And he is available to you 24/7, always on call.

We don’t have to search out the best therapist because we already have Him. There is nothing that we can’t talk to him about. There is no unsolvable problem. There is no issue with trusting if he has your best interest in mind. There is no reason to not be able to fully trust him and be able to be completely open and honest with him. There is no judgement or criticism. There is only guaranteed love, compassion, and understanding. And we can be sure that we will get the absolute best care, advice, and guidance from him.

If you are in need of counsel in some area of your life go to Jesus first. Lay it all out to him. Tell him the raw truth of what is going on inside of you and what you need. Allow yourself to be the mess that you may be at the moment. Cry out to him for whatever it is that you need. He may guide you to seek a counselor but he will be right in the middle of it, using the counselor to speak through, to give you the support and care that you need.

There are many things that can be fixed in our lives just by going to Jesus for counsel. Next time that you are in need of some sort of advice, guidance, or healing turn to him and let him take care of it so that you know that you have had the best counsel that there is to offer.

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