Greatest prayer

PSALMS 86 is the scripture that fell open to my eyes this morning. As I sit here with a heavy heart and thoughts of what to do to lift up my spirit my eyes fell on the answer. What a great reminder of the God that we serve. David speaks my heart as He prays this prayer to our mighty God. I think that He speaks the prayer that many of us have in this Psalm and it is reference scripture that we need when we are at a loss for words to pray.

(1) God listen to me and answer me for I need your help. (2)Protect me, save me, for I trust in you. (3&4) Be merciful to me and give me happiness as I give myself to you. (5) Thank you for being so good and forgiving and so full of unfailing love Lord. (6&7) Listen to my prayer and thank you for answering. (11) Teach me your ways so that I may live by your truth and grant me a pure heart so that I may honor you. (12) Thank you for your great love towards me and rescuing me from death. (15) Thank you God for your love and compassion, for being slow to get angry, and being filled with unfailing love and faithfulness. (16) Have mercy on me, give me your strength, and save me Lord. (17) Send me a sign of your favor Lord, for you help and comfort me.

I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit lead me to this scripture this morning. For the first time in a few weeks I feel that my heart has finally been spoken clearly in my prayer. I am encouraged by the reminder of the love, mercy, and compassion that God has towards me. I encourage you to read Psalm 86 for yourself and let it speak to the depths of your spirit. I pray that it brings comfort to you as it did me as well. Blessing to all of you.

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