Temptation is something that no one will ever be completely free from. It is a tactic that satan uses to defeat us. But in a sense being tempted is actually a compliment. You see, if we were evil people doing satans work there would be no need for him to tempt us to do bad because we would already be his. Temptation is a sign that satan hates us because we are children of God, doing good in this world. We should never be shocked or discouraged when we face temptation. Satan tries to use temptation to defeat us but God uses it to strengthen our Christ like character, even when we fall into the temptation.

I left off in yesturdays post talking about the four steps that satan uses to tempt us and I am going to explain them now. Step one is desire. He identifies the desire that is deep within us. It could be the desire to get back at someone who hurt you years ago. It could be to binge eat snacks. It could be doing a drug or drinking. It could be the desire to be loved and noticed in a wrong way. He finds the desire within you to do wrong in ways that will hurt you the most.

Step two is doubt. He tries to get you to doubt God and what He has said about the sin. Did God really say that it is wrong for you to eat that food, to sleep with that person, to get back at the person who did you wrong?

Step three is deception. Satan is the father of lies and is unable to tell the truth so anything that he tells you is a lie or only half true. He will tell you things like “oh, it;s only alil sin, it;ll be okay, No one will ever know, it won’t hurt you, you deserve to get even with that person, everyone else is doing it.”

Step four is disobedience. You finally act on the thought that satan put in your head. You birthed behavior out of the idea that he put in your mind. You fell for His lies and deception.

These four steps are the same steps that he takes every time that he tempts us to sin. It all takes place in our head until we act upon it. But we can win this battle in due time. We can overcome the temptations that satan places in us. I will talk about that in my next post. But for today know that you are not weak or worldly because you face temptation. Satan does not like us and it is his way of trying to destroy the relationship that we have with God and the good that He has placed within us.

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