How long will I have to wait

When God when. How long will you make me wait Lord. Why aren’t you answering my prayers Lord? How long will I have to go threw this God? How many times have those words come out of your mouth? I know that I have said them many times while I was going threw something or while I was waiting for my prayers to be answered. There may be many different things that we are waiting for but the important thing is that, we know, that we know, that God will deliver at just the right time. We may think that we should be delivered, have answers, or be favored right at this moment, but God knows when the time is perfect. We may feel like we shouldn’t have to be going threw what we are going threw but God knows more than we do. And rather we like it or not, God is not in a rush like we are. He knows what will bring lasting glory to us. He knows what is best for us in the long run. And even though we may not see that God is working in the moment, we have to have faith that He is working.

God is always working in and through us. Just because we do not see it happening or feel that God is working, He is working behind the scene. Our job is to do what we know to do and believe God to do what we can not do. When you are waiting on God to do what only he can do be patient and focus on the good things. When we are thankful on purpose we make things better for ourselves. When we focus on what is good it offsets the bad. When we keep ourselves busy doing kind things and things that bring life to ourselves and others we are not consumed with the bad things that or happening or the things that are not going right.

God will answer our prayers at just the right time. He will deliver us and work things out for the greater good. He is faithful and will never let us down. Just believe, hold on to your faith, pray, trust, and do what you can do while you are waiting for God to do what you can not do. He will bring victory to you, that is his promise!!

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