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This past Saturday was my 40th birthday. As I sat back drinking my morning cup of coffee I began to think about the situation. At forty years old, I would say that I am at the half point mark of my life. Half of my life is gone and I have the other half to go. Do I want the second half of my life to reflect the first half? Do I want to repeat the cycles that been going around and around in my life thus far? Do I want to make it through the second half of my life without the struggles of the first half? Do I want to travel down a different, steadier road than the one that I have been traveling? Do I want to make a difference in my life and the lives of those around me? Have I been living up to my full God given potential so far? What changes do I need to make in my life that will reflect Jesus to the world and allow him to work through me to reach others? What do I want to do with the second part of my life? All these questions ran through my mind as I looked out at the ocean of waves from the balcony of my hotel room.

We have the choice to change our lives at any giving time if we want to. But something about turning forty put an extra boost in my thoughts about my life, the choices that I make, my future, and making a positive Godly impact on the people that are brought into my life. Maybe it is the fact that I look at it as I have spent half of my life on this earth already. I made many mistakes and feel that I wasted a lot of time by doing much of life on my own in the past forty years and I do not want to waste any more of my time that I have left. I want to make positive changes in myself and make use of the wisdom and understanding that God has given me. I have to face fears of the unknown, fears of rejection, and fears of disappointments, if I am ever going to step into what God has planned for me to do. Why is it that so many of us wait to do the things that are vital to living our best lives instead of doing them as soon as we know what to do?

God loves us so much and I believe that it hurts him to see us cause our own misery or discomfort. I believe that he would love to make us do what we need to do, but he has given us the gift of free choice and he does not want robots. We can make our lives so much better by simply doing what the Holy Spirit guides us to do but we have the flesh that fights against his guidance.

I am making a declaration today that I am going to deny my flesh to the best of my ability and begin to live in the will of God once again. I am going to do my best at letting the Holy Spirit direct my steps and lean on Jesus to help me to walk it out. I want to make the second half of my life mean something. I want to be a woman of integrity, love, and compassion, spreading the good news of Jesus to those listening. I want to leave a positive stamp on the world when I leave this earth. I want to end my race with a “job well done” from Jesus. I want to live this life right and fight for the greater good.

Where are you at in your life right now? Are there any changes that you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you to make? Are there things that you know that you need to do to bring more peace, joy, and love to your own life? Are things that you have putting off, for whatever reason, that you know will make a positive difference in yourself or your life? What are you waiting for? Make the decision today that you are going to have the life that Jesus wants you to have by following the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Take a stand against your flesh and against the enemy today. Stand up for the your greater good and the greater good of others. Live your best life now and do not waste any more time putting things off. You deserve the best life that you can have and you are not fighting any battle alone because Jesus is on your side, fighting right with you.

5 thoughts on “Live your best life now

  1. Amen. I can totally relate to this, Mandie. I have been thinking the same thoughts about where I am at. Especially with the novel I need to finish. I know there’s a real risk I will be stepping out only to be laughed at and put down and I am worried about failure. I want to glorify God but I feel inadequate so often. I worry about rejection and failure. Especially because I’ve already experienced so much failure and rejection in my life. But I feel overwhelmingly like God has a plan for the Project and no matter what I need to step out in faith and trust Him to work it all out for His glory, and for the good of so many people. I know my idea and book is just begging to be mocked, criticized and opposed. But I have to do it and stop putting it off and worrying and just trust God to do what He’s promised. Thanks for this post. I agree and I really needed to read this. God bless you, sis. 🙂


    1. mandie

      Jayden, fear is the number one way that the enemy keeps people from stepping out into the will of God. If you feel that God has put this on your heart then go for it. Step out in faith and find out what happens. Sometimes we have to do that to find out if it is really God putting it on our heart or not. And sometimes we have to experience so much rejection and disappointment to equipped us for what we have to come. I have had a life full of disappointment, rejection, and failure so I am equipped with what I need to be able to face even more of it if need be in order to get to where God wants me to be. I am so thankful that my post has encouraged you. Keep up the good work my brother!!

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      1. Thank you, Sis. I agree. It is hard. Fear of rejection and failure can be huge and it’s always an issue for me. I sometimes do have doubts about this Project and my book. It’s why I’ve told so few people about it and mostly only privately. I have spoken about it openly before, but that was back before it before it became what it is and for God’s Glory. I never said it was going to come to pass because this was before I’d prayed and the Lord responded to me.

        I know it’s what God want’s me to do. He confirmed it with His Word. It really blows my mind that He would actually agree to what I prayed about. When He first told me to write it down it baffled me. I didn’t understand why He wanted me to write a story about my idea. I now understand much better what He has planned and why it’s so important to write it down as a story first. I, however have been struggling with fear and doubt about whether I can really write this story. I promised the Lord today I will really get onto it early tomorrow. It’s like there’s an invisible wall sometimes stopping me from just sitting down and writing it. I appreciate your support. I promise when it’s published and available I will give you the link to Amazon Books. You don’t have to buy or read it, but just to let you know it’s finally done and out there. I am trusting God for His plan. As I said, i don’t dare tell people it’s anything more than fiction. If I told them everything they would say I’m basically out of my mind. That’s ok. My idea and this Project is out of this world. I will pray for you, too, Mandie. God bless you, sis. 🙂


      2. Thank you, Mandie so much. I do have confirmation from the Lord. You can read it and look it up. It’s Habakkuk chapter 2 Verses 2 and 3 from the Old Testament. The only difference is for the purposes of this book, God is not telling me to write down a vision, but the story for people to read. This was originally not a vision from the Lord, but an idea, then a dream and then the longest prayer of my life. But otherwise this is the Scripture God gave to me to assure me my idea would come to pass. God bless you, sis. 🙂


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