Take control of your feelings

I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed as people say. I felt irritable and short tempered as soon as I opened my eyes. Nothing had happened to make me feel that way. I had not had a bad dream or anything. It amazes me how our feelings work. If I would have allowed myself to stay in that mood and not fight it off, resisting the enemies attack on my emotions, I would not be having a good day today. I have learned that when my emotions arise like that it is most of time the enemy trying to defeat me before my day gets started. And that is when I we have to fight the fight of faith for our lives. We have to think and speak positive words to ourselves and get our feelings in check.

I laid in bed and thought to myself the following statements: God loves me and is with me all the time, I am righteous and blameless because of Jesus, Today is a new day with new possibilities, I live for Jesus and fight the enemy, I believe that something good is going to happen to me today, I am going to have a good day, the enemy has no control over me, and I am alive to God and walk with His Spirit. Then I got up and went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror and said out loud to myself: You are awesome, you are loved, you are talented, you are strong, you are created with uniqueness, you are going to have a great day, I choose to be happy and to not let the enemy control me, I have the power to do what I need to do today. About 30 mins later as I was having my coffee I noticed how much better my mood had gotten and the peace that was in my heart. I believe that if I had not done those things I would have stayed in the bad mood that I was in and my day would have ruined before it ever got started.

We have to fight for ourselves and not allow our feelings to dictate the kind of day that we are going to have. Our feelings come and go but we have to walk threw every moment of the day. We can not choose to not go throughout the day just because our feelings don’t want to therefore why let our feelings make our day miserable. We can think and talk ourselves out of a bad mood. We can also think and talk ourselves into a bad mood so we have to choose our thoughts and our words carefully. Don’t allow your feelings to tell you how your day is going to go. Tell your feelings how the day is going to go and then they will catch up with what you are thinking and saying.

3 thoughts on “Take control of your feelings

      1. Pete

        Oh, but then again, I’m not moody per sé but a few people know how to push an army veteran’s ptsd buttons. Sadly, the most amiable gut can go critical and enjoy some nuclear fission. Not proud but broken jars crack & leak.


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