He understands


   Many of us often feel misunderstood by others. We feel like no one understands our struggles, our weaknesses, or how hard it is to deal with and handle the things that life throws at us. We think that people may say that they understand or feel where we are coming from but yet they haven’t experienced what we have so how can they understand. And even if they have been through some of what we have, we still don’t think that they can fully understand us. 

   People can endure the same situations and circumstances but no one experiences are the same.If two people went threw the same exact situation they would each have a different experience to tell. One may have been severally affected by a specific event that happened that did not affect the other person. But the other person may have a specific event that affected them that did not affect the other person. If ten people went threw the same exact thing, you would get ten different stories of events that occured because each one was affected in a different way by different events that happened. And this is why we often can feel so misunderstood. But even if no one else can understand us completely, Jesus can!!

    The bible states in HEBREWS 2:18 & 4:15&16 that because Jesus was born as a human being and endured such trials and sufferings, we now have a high priest that understands.He knows what it is like to suffer tremendously. He endured pain and suffering that none of us could ever imagine. He was humiliated, betrayed by His family, left alone, misunderstood, lied about, accused of things that He did not do, thought of as nobody by others, and was terrified to do what He knew God sent Him to do. So no matter what we feel misunderstood about, we have someone that we can go to at anytime that fully understands us. JESUS!!!

   We have someone who knows exactly how we feel. He knows all about the troubles we face, the temptations that linger within us, the pain and disappointment that others cause us, the betrayal that many of us experience. That is why His compassion and mercy for us runs so deep. He wants us to know that He understands what we are dealing with so that we will talk to Him about it and let our hearts be comforted by His love, compassion, and understanding.

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