The law vs. Jesus

God made the law to show us just how sinful we were. We had no excuse for our actions once the law was given. But He made the law with Jesus in mind. He created Jesus to be the sacrifice of our sins. He made the way for us to come back into right relations with God. He brought our relationship back into right standings with God. Because of our belief in Jesus and the work that He accomplished on the cross we are able to stand before God without flaws. We are perfect in God’s eyes because we believe that His son died for us.

It is hard to accept the fact that Jesus-being the perfect person that He is- gave His life for us when we act so terrible or have done horrible things but He did. He did not want us to have to go through out life living with the results of our sinful nature. He wanted us to have a choice of a different way of living. He wanted us to be able to live in this world but to not live for the world, bringing death to our spirit. He gave His life so that we could have a different life. A life filled with peace and joy that come from being in right standing with God as well as by being able to do the things that we know that we should do. We are able to withstand the temptations of the enemy and our sinful nature because of the power that we have in us that comes from Jesus. Because He chose to lay down His life we are able to have all the things that He is and that we were not before He came to live in us.

Life can be so different when we have Jesus living on the inside of us. We have access to all that we need, that we lack, in order to make the best choices and decisions in life that will help us to have the best life that we can have. Things that we could not do before, we will be able to do because we are not relying on our own strength and ability. Dreams that seem unreachable all the sudden seem closer than before because of the new ability that we have inside of us.

Because of Jesus we do not have to obey every law before we can have a relationship with God and have access to the power and blessings that He offers. Actually believing in Jesus is how we will obey the law. The law tells us all the things that bring harm to us and others. Jesus is how we are able to bring life to ourselves instead of harm. The law brings death but Jesus brings life.

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