Don’t give up

I can not begin to tell you how many times in my life that I have wanted to or have actually given up on something. I struggled with rejection and failure for many years and that alone would cause me to give up on things that I would attempt to do. As soon as something would come up that I was unsure about I would choose to give up on it rather than try it and see if it worked. If something was challenging I would give up quickly because I was afraid that I would either fail or I wouldn’t do good enough. I let it stand in the way of so many things for many years.

I have learned that when we lose faith in something happening we are giving up on it. We have to have faith that something will happen in order for us to continue to strive towards it or to keep hope of it happening. When we have faith we are believing that something will happen. We are filled with hope that what we have faith for is going to come to pass. And when we have been believing in something for a long time but have no signs of it happening we can become weary and start to think that we might as well just give up on it and move on. But that is the last thing that we should do because if we give up, we lose our faith in it happening. And without faith God is unable to work it out for us like He may want to.

If we never give up we are able to have a joy in our hearts that keeps us going in the tough times. If we are always believing in something we are able to have a bright outlook on the future. As long as we have a fight in us to not give up on a thing we are unstoppable. So no matter how long you have been trying or you have been waiting, don’t give up. Keep the faith, keep up the fight, and trust that just the right time God will make it happen.

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