We are in a war

I don’t care how nice you are or how many friends you have or how well people like you, we all have a enemy. His name is satan AKA the devil. And his soul purpose is to destroy us and make our lives miserable. He works threw people and situations to get to us. His number one way of attacking us directly is through our mind. He puts lies and negative thoughts into our head. He is the one whispering to you when you have bad thoughts about yourself or others. He is the one that tells you that God is mad at you for something that you have done or did not do. He is the one that puts doubt about your faith into your head. And he is what is trying to stand in the way of something good that you are trying to accomplish. But the good news is that we can defeat him and send him away kicking rocks!

We are in a fight for our lives. We are in a fight for our peace. We are in a fight for our happiness. We are in a fight to spread light in this dark world. And if you are close to a breakthrough or a dream coming true, the enemy is going to be on your heels doing his best to keep it from happening. We are always in a battle of some sort but we can have the victory.

We fight the enemy with the truth of the word of God. We use our righteousness, peace, and salvation to stand our ground in our battles. We use our faith and the word of God to protect ourselves and to fight against the enemy (EPHESIANS 6:13-17). When the enemy puts lies in our head we can use the truth of the word of God to cover up those lies.

The enemy likes to put thoughts into our heads that will keep us from doing what we need to do to have the best life possible. He likes to put thoughts about how we feel at the moment to get us to give into our feelings. He likes to make us doubt ourselves so that we will not do what is on our hearts to do. And when he is unable to defeat us in those ways, he will work through someone else or situations to try to make us believe lies and doubt ourselves. He tries to be very clever at his attacks but we are more than conquerors because we have Jesus in us. We can win every battle with the enemy as long as we put up the fight.

Fight for yourself and fight for the best life that you can possibly have. You are worth the effort and you deserve to have the best life that you can possibly have. The enemy has power but you have power and authority over the enemy. Jesus talked back to the devil and we have to talk back to him as well. Cover his lies with the truth that comes from the word of God.

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