We are strong because of His strength

Where you are weak, he is strong. I have heard that statement so many times in my life. And while it is a biblical truth, I find it hard to believe that my weaknesses become strength’s because of Jesus. I believe that Jesus is all powerful and can do anything, but I find it really hard to believe that I can do things that I am weak at because I have Jesus’ strength in me. It all sounds nice and encouraging but when it comes to it, I lack faith I guess. I believe that Jesus died for me, I believe that He loves me, I believe that He can do all things, but I don’t always believe in myself and that He will work through me to enable me to do what I can not do. Because I am very aware of my weaknesses and my faults, I lack belief in myself at times and I tend to overlook the power of the one that lives in me. I wonder how much we cut ourselves short by not believing that we have the strength in us that we need to do anything that we need to do. I mean we can say it all the time but do we really believe it. Do we really believe that where we are weak, He is strong and will enable us to do what we need to do?

If we are going to be able to do whatever it is that we need to do in life we are going to have to believe that we have the power of Jesus in us. We are going to have to face fears believing that we will overcome. We are going to have to face unknowns believing that the best will come of them. We will have to face trials and tribulations believing that we will conqour them. We are going to have to believe with all of our might that His strength makes us strong in our weaknesses. We are going to have to step out with our knees shaking, trusting that we can do it because we are not alone. We have to look past ourselves and our own ability.

What are some areas that you have a hard time believing that you have the strength in? What are some things that you have done that has only been because of Jesus’ strength?

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