Taking control of your life

   Where are you at in life right now? Are you happy in all areas of your life at this point? Are you pleased with the progress that you are making in your journey of life? Do you wish that you would have done something different? Do you smile when you think about how your life is going? If you are not happy with where you are at in life right now then you can change it.

   We have the power to make the changes necessary to improve our lives in any area that we are not satisfied with. Jesus is everything that we are not, and we have Him living inside of us. Therefore He is a part of us and we have access to all that He is. That means that we truly lack in nothing because we have all that Jesus is. Since we have what we need to be able to make any change that we need to make, we have to  understand how we got to where we are at so that we can make that change. Once we get an understanding of that, we can find out what we need to do to make the change that we need to make.

   A quick run down of the anatomy of life is, you have a thought that leads to an emotion/feeling that makes you make the decisions that you make. Then your decision leads to an action that you take that can turn into a habit. Your habits help form your character which leads you to where you are at right now.

   Let’s take a closer look at what each step entails. Our character is who people have come to expect us to be by our actions. It is who we are when no one else is looking. Your character is what has got you to where you are at right now. Who have you come to be? Do you do what is right and make sure that it is done right? Do you make compromises? Do you do the least that you can do, taking the easiest way out? Do you not face troubles or do you face them head on? We have to examine ourselves and face truths about ourselves before any change can happen in our lives. 

   Our habits are actions that we have repeatedly taken until they become a natural action that we do without thought. What habits have you formed? Do you have a habit of sitting around doing nothing? Do you have a habit of fear rising up and overtaking you when you face troubles? Do you have a habit of looking at the negative in situations? Our habits become a part of us and help to form our character.

   Our actions are what we are doing. For example, do you sit around and do nothing? Do you do what you know you need to do when you need to do it. Do you fuss and yell when you get upset or do you remain calm?  

   Our decisions are choices that we have made to take the actions that we take. What decisions have you made to take the actions that you are doing? Do you choose to fuss and argue when you are mad or do you choose to stay calm? Do you choose to stay on the couch and not get up and do what you need to do or do you choose to get up and take care of it?

   Our feelings/emotions are what cause us to make the decisions that we make. Do you feel down or lazy? That is what made you make the decision to sit on the couch and do nothing. Do you choose to yell because you are feeling angry. Our feelings can control our every move if we allow them to interfere with the choices and decisions that we make. 

   Our thoughts is where everything begins. Everything starts with a thought. We had a thought that lead to the emotion/feeling that we had. Then that emotion lead to the decision that we made. That decision lead to the action that we took that ended up becoming a habit after we did it so many times. That habit became a part of us and helped to form our character. And our character is why we are where we are at in life right now. Our “where we are at in life right now” consist of any area in our lives that we would like to see change in.

   What we expose ourselves to the most will determine how we think. How we think will determine how we feel. How we feel will determine the decisions that we make. The decisions that we make will determine the actions that we take. The actions that we take will form habits in our lives. Our habits will determine our character. And our character will determine where we end up in life.

     If we are around people that are negative all the time then we can become negative. If we are around lazy people to much then we can5t become lazy. If we watch a lot of movies that have aggressive characters in them then we can become aggressive. If we are around someone that is positive and uplifting then we will become positive and uplifting. If we watch movies that are encouraging then we will be encouraged. Our surroundings contribute heavily on how we think and act.

   If we have bad negative thoughts then we will have bad emotions that follow them. A lot of people think that they can not help what they think. But that is not true. We can choose our thoughts. And we can stop ourselves from thinking what we are thinking. For example, say your name in your mind over and over……now say stop out loud. What happened to the thought of your name? It stopped when you said stop out loud. See, we can stop any thought that we have by thinking something else.

   When we have emotions rising we can interrupt those emotions and keep them from coming on full force. If you feel the emotion of sadness or anger rising up in you, laugh out loud, smile, think of something silly. We interrupt the emotion with a positive action. If we are feeling depressed we can go and do something good for someone else `and it will lift our own depressed feelings. Our feelings will come, but they can go just as fast as they came if we do not give into them.

   Our decisions are important to our actions. When we make the right decisions we take positive action. When we know that we are making right decisions we feel good about ourselves. We have positive energy that comes along with making right decisions. And we can make right decisions no matter how we feel. We can decide to do what is right even when it feels wrong. If we feel lazy but decide to get up anyway and take care of what needs to be taken care of we will have the feeling of accomplishment and we can use that to help us push through other times of laziness. Our decisions is what leads to our actions and where we are at in life at this moment so it is important that we do not let our feelings stand in the way of making the best choices and decisions that we can make.

   If we do not like where we are at in any area of our lives right now we can change it. We have the power that we need to change what needs to be changed because we have the Holy Spirit to help us. We are not stuck where we are at. We can examine each part of our lives and change any area that we are not satisfied in. If you don’t like where you are at right now then change your character. If you don’t like your character then change your habits. If you don’t like your habits change your actions. If you don’t like your actions then change your decisions. If you don’t like your decisions that you are making then change the way you feel. If you don’t like the way that you feel then change the way that you think. And if you don’t like the way that you think then change what you expose yourself to. 

   What area of your life are you not satisfied with? Make the choice today to examine yourself and make the changes that you need to make to have the life that Jesus died for you to have and  love your life. 

Does this explanation make sense to you?


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