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With the way that things have been going for almost a year now many of us are experiencing some form of depression. What we knew of as life and daily routines have flipped upside down. We have to spend a lot more time alone and are lacking that interaction with others. After awhile we may feel that we are losing motivation, fighting to keep going like everything is normal, so that no one will notice that we are struggling.

I know for myself when I started to get into a funk and I would say to myself, “no one is going to see me because I can’t go out so I am going to stay in my jammies and just put my hair up.” Something that simple contributed to my sadness. Then I would wake up and think, “it’s not like I have anywhere to be so why am I getting up so early” and I would lay there for longer. Next thing I knew I was laughing less, complaining more, and I was down. I felt like I was dragging threw the day and to some extent just existing. I felt a void, a lack of purpose. As I prayed about it one evening I had these thoughts come to me. Live life on and for a purpose. You have to have purpose for every day and you have to do it on purpose. Your purpose can be different every day but you have to have a purpose for each day. So this is what I started doing and it has helped me quite a bit.

Each night I make a list of what I want or need to take care of the next day. Rather it be wash clothes, sweep and mop, clean out a closet, call a friend, I would write down what I needed to do. Then I would set my alarm and get up and have my coffee while I watched a teaching on the gospel channel. Then I would look at my list to get my game plan in my head. Then I would get dressed, do my hair, and the other personal care stuff (making sure that I put some make up on just as I normally would). Then I would start on my game plan. As I checked off the duties on my list I would feel a feeling of accomplishment and purpose. I would make sure that I would either call, text, or direct message someone and give some words of encouragement. That act alone made me feel so much better because I knew that I was putting a smile on someone else’s face. Knowing that I lifted up someone’s spirit would lift my own spirit. I would cook dinner and feed the family. As I cleaned up from dinner I would think about what needs to be done tomorrow so that I could write it down. Having a goal set for each day helped me to have purpose and drive. I would come up with silly things to do on some days so that I kept laughter in the air.

I know that what I have wrote here may not be a good example of what you are experiencing right now in your own battle but I hope that my point of the subject is clear and helpful. We have to continue to live life for and on purpose just as we would when we were able to go about our normal day before. We have to conduct ourselves just as we were doing. And for some of us the pandemic hasn’t really changed our daily life very much but we can still struggle with sadness and depression and living on and for a purpose can help us battle that sadness some. When we feel that we wake up each day with a goal to accomplish it feeds our need for purpose. We all need to feel that we are serving some kind of purpose in our lives on this earth and when we focus on the little things that we accomplish in a days time it feeds that need of purpose. Having a purpose is not all about those big things such as great careers, inventions of something, doing something that effects millions of people, etc. There are many, many little daily purposes for us all.

If having a nice hair style and wearing make up makes you feel better then do it on purpose so that you feel good about yourself, even if you are not going anywhere or will not see anyone that day. If making someone smile makes you feel good then make someone smile on purpose. If completing an old project would make you feel good then do it on purpose. If making a list of things to do would help you to focus on accomplishing something that day and helps you to feel like you have a reason to get motivated then make the list and do it on purpose. The purpose of doing anything that helps you to feel happy and good is so that you will feel good and happy. We can actually find a purpose in everything that we do if we look at it the right way. I hope that these words encourage you to find purpose in everything that you do so that you can have joy in your heart and reason to keep it up. Blessings to all!!

9 thoughts on “Find your purpose

  1. Awesome! I really do love your writings as well. You bring a smile to my face every time I read a post I have to share another purpose you need to add to your list is making sure you write on your word press page because you are really helping people keep up the great work and I’m so glad that I have found your stuff to read my purpose every day or each week is to make sure I read something from you because you do bring joy God‘s word and kindness to the world thank you again for riding your posts I’m glad I found you to keep up the great work I struggle a lot and your posts have really helped in the short time I’ve read them may God bless all that you do and put a smile on your face because you have lots of purpose God created you perfectly and wonderfully made in his image thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and writing and putting your thoughts on paper or on a computer screen they truly are helping people

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    1. mandie

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words. It is good to know that my purpose of this blog is being carried out. After experiencing the life change that I experienced I had to start sharing the things that God had taught me because I know that they are life changing and can help you to have a life that you love and to love yourself as well. Feel free to share post if you want.


      1. What I’d really like to do at some point Mandy is get you on my podcast we need to speak it’s a brand new thing that I just started I haven’t even done one I’m just in a trailer you can go to my blog and listen to the first trailer I’ve done but I’d love to speak with you personally and then Chyna collaborate with you I’m just being positive and sharing and just because my struggles are hard if he was like your struggles are hard I just think it be great to at some point have you on the show and let’s just talk about our struggles because that’s what my podcast is all about people who are struggling but are overcoming because God is made away anyways keep in contact if it’s something you’d like to do let’s try to connect thank you so very much again keep letting at Holy Spirit fill you encourage you and keep on writing my love may God bless all you do and I love your post and I love you

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      2. mandie

        That sounds great to me. I am open to sharing with anyone that is willing to listen. I believe that God saved me from that horrible accident and changed my core being for this reason. I have lived on both sides of the track persay and I can relate to others in many ways. And I believe that when someone can relate to your struggle it makes their words much more meaningful. I use to question why I had to experience the bad things that I did but now I know that it was so that I could help others with similar issues and have true compassion for them.

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      3. Mandy please email me at TMG so we can connect and my first podcast is up and running so you may wanna check that out you can go to my word press page so you can hear it and you can understand a little bit more of what I’m looking to do but no problem email me and we will get together

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      4. mandie

        Teresa I will definitely email you. Also I clicked on your go to your sight and it is saying that it is not a correct website or it has been deleted.


  2. Dennis Osborn

    Great stuff. I, too, struggle with situational depression (highly unusual for me) but the lockdowns seem to have taken a toll on me. I am a lister….every night i list my activities for the next day. It doe help me to see i have something to do. My blog started at the outbreak of this mess. A God encounter kind of directed me to do it….it’s been a blessing. One of my first posts was on finding a purpose. If you want to check it out, go to Anyway, i love the way you write. Like from the heart of God speaking to his children. Keep up the great work. I enjoy following you. Regards

    Denny Osborn


    1. mandie

      Thank you for the comments and I am so grateful to hear that my writings are encouraging others the way that prayed that they would. I ask God to speak through me to Hid children every time that I write because that is truly my hearts desire. Thank you for the direct link to your blog and I will be looking at it. May God continue to work through you as well my friend. Blessings to you!!


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